pdf files for arcs 1 - 16 of my (ongoing) comic Inhuman. scans are web quality, script is draft1 web edition. 640+ pages
high res scans and updated scripts for arcs 1-4 of my comic Inhuman. (art from 2003/2005)
6 False starts/concept comics, 198pgs of Ask Kyo, 13 april fools comics, 5 comics written by others and MORE...!
Assorted autobiographical, RP related & fandom related original comics n doodles dating as far back as 1999. 100+ pages
Art & musings on a little dragon armadillo. 29 pgs
11 unique species of birds that begin to explore queer identities. 16 pgs
A soldier chooses to remain on the front, where he is confronted by the wrath of god. Short comic. Lyrics by NIN. 10 pgs
sketches & finished work, mostly inhuman related but some Other Stuff
sketches and finished work from 2021
art by me (sketch and final) fitting into the Inhumanverse done in 2020.
sketchwork of my comic universe collected from 2019!
centaurs? boring. what about toad-taur? car-taur? aye-aye taur?
a zine inspired by the account ffvii_blazed retelling of video game ff7. 32 pgs
a short horror comic about losing someone. 6 pgs
A zine collaboration. Writing, editing and cover by The Chessmaster (aka iris jay) 66 pgs
an extremely dysphoria related short comic venting about genderfeels. 6 pgs
pkmn minicomic! art by me, writing by straviios - a friendly monster recalls her journey. 20 pgs
Atroxi the anthro heads out in the morning. short comic, 5 pgs
B&W short guidebook about an alien planet popular with tourists. Contains mild bondage. Writing by Chaz! 10 pgs
Short in-universe (Inhuman) comic where Chovek gets a call at night. Contains strong sexual language. 23 pgs
a short in-universe (Inhuman) comic in which Koji says goodbye and goes on. Lyrics by Architecture in Helsinki. 14 pgs
An in-universe (Inhuman) prequel comic about a young Hekshanian stranded far from home. 56 pgs
a short (Inhuman) comic to the tune of the Harvey Danger song War Buddies. 15 pgs
one morning, i woke up dead in the darkness. a short horror comic. 17 pgs
comics co-written by the N-team IRC channel, a spoof on exploitation reality tv for a late 80s nintendo cartoon. 12 pgs
baby's first low-res, sometimes-edgelord lolrandom slice of life gamer college comic. 240+ pgs
pkmn comic! a pink fairy working for the friendly monster mafia gets into some trouble. 12 pgs