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it's everything else i could find that i've done in comic format over the years.  Yknow, cuz like, why not.

content varies significantly in tone and some of the oldest (from 30+ years ago) are a bit iffy by our current standards in how they tackle my issues related to gender identity & mental health, so like, ykno... dont judge too hard. it was a very lonely place where i was navigating things for a long time.


  • both pages of weird silent comic "once a great fetus"
  • 2015 hourly comics dailies
  • autobio/vent comics including ones abt my time in japan
  • assorted one-shot gamer comics for: ff7, l4d, pokemon, pikmin, earthbound, star control,  zelda & others
  • a comic where me & a friend fart on another (unnamed) comic and someone watches in rage
  • 11 pages of comic reactions to a terrible, terrible 180+ pg comic script i read once
  • assorted drafts, unfinished work & concepts for comics that never went beyond that
  • guest strips for other webcomics (like Intergalactic Truckstop)

... and much more!

*edit 2/13/23 - i found some more, older, other things to add to this archive so now it's even bigger. 

*edit 2/25/23 - tormented by  some things i was missing i found the sketchbooks they were in, rescanned them, and added them. then i split the inhuman zip of scraps off from this file because like... too big

added some collaborative comics i did the art for- writers include Gloucester, Chaz and Straviios, and the members of the Captain N MIRC channel. they're credited on the pieces they wrote for!


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