A downloadable comic

Long ago in my youth, I cut my teeth on drawing this. Whatever this is. Sometimes this is funny. Sometimes this is offensive because we all grow and change as people. Sometimes this is a way for me to explore gender and sexuality. But mostly it was a way for me to keep from losing focus during college classes.  Sometimes it was gag-a-day. Sometimes it was some stream of conciousness gibberish. It did enable me to practice drawing facial expressions a lot!

Some characters are borrowed from others (based on real life college folks) but all writing and art is my own.

Please, PLEASE go in this knowing that you might run into: ablist language, jokes about cannibalism and rape and murder, some weird shit about god being a pineapple living in a toilet

No one is allowed to pay a dime for this.


buddies_on_away.pdf 12 MB